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Is Dhoni the silent captain of Team India?

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the best captain in Cricket History. Even after stepping down from Captaincy, His presence in the team let  Indian cricket fans enjoy his Gigantic shots, Lighting glove work and India's Tremendous victories.

Virat Kohli have shown significant growth from an Under 19 world cup winning captain to one of the successful captain of Indian Cricket Team at this point. Looking at his phenomenal batting skills and the rate at which he is scoring, He looks like someone who can break lot of records in Cricketing world.

When it comes to Captaincy, Does Virat Kohli have the heart and magic equation to lift the World cup for India one more time.

Our Answer will be YES with Mahendra Singh Dhoni on the equation.

What does the Stats say?

Dhoni have guided India to victory in 110 matches out of 200 matches that he played as captain. His Success rate is 59.52%. Virat Kohli have guided India to victory in 49 matches out of 68 that he played as captain at a success rate of 73.88%. MS Dhoni was riding at such a high success rate when he started shouldering the Captaincy. Is Virat Kohli better than MS Dhoni from the stat's? It's too hard to declare that at this point. We should keep observing his performance down the line in the absence of Dhoni.

Has Kohli completely taken over the Captaincy?

    Kohli is certainly an aggressive and excellent Captain. He is getting good support from the young talents as well as experienced sharks in the Team. However Dhoni's existing in the Team is a key for Team India's success. Dhoni is a keen observer of the game. His presence behind the team along with the guidance to the bowlers have an significant impact on the opposing batsman. Kohli is ready with all ears when it comes to the former captain's suggestion.

Does Team India still needs MS Dhoni's Midas touch?

 With the rise of IPL, Team India is able to build and nurture a strong bench of young and experienced Players.With handful of wicket keeper batsmen like Pant, Dinesh Karthik, India may have a strong backup for an Injured Dhoni. However Dhoni comes as an complete package for Team India with his Aggressive/decisive batting, lightning glove work,key person in decision making for the Team, holding the lower order batting in crucial situations.

With Kohli leading from the front with his magnificent batting and Ms Dhoni behind the stump, Team India is definitely favorites  to win World cup. Jai Ho!

Photo credit: IndiaToday.in

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