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New indian passports: 6 things to know

The ministry of external affairs has decided to make few changes to the current passport design.

There are the points that everyone needs to know.

1. The new passport design wont include family details or address in the last page. This step is taken as per the request from single/divorced mother. They are being harrased  by officials when thier children are applying for passports.

2. As there will be no address in the passports going forward, The new passport cannot be used as an address proof going forward.

3. The ministry of external affairs is also planning to issue an oragne colored passports for those who needs emigration checks. The current passport has notation "ECR OR ECNR" to denote the same.

4. Individuals who haven't completed high school or those who have criminal records will be issued Orange color passports. 

5. There are chances for the skilled labor with new color themed passport to get treated differently. Strong condemnation are rising all over the country for this new color themed passport.

6. Individuals need not submit thier current valid passport to avail the new passport. Anyone who applies or renews thier passport going forward will have be issued passports in new design.

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