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How to apply Aadhaar card for NRI minor

Even though Aadhaar card is not mandatory, It can serve a variety of purpose in India. If you have child who is born abroad and hold an Non-Indian Passport & OCI card, He is termed as NRI.

Can you get an Aadhaar card for NRI minor? Yes. Provided that he is eligible.


  • The applicant has to be above the age of 3 years.
  • The applicant should have resided in India for at least 6 months

Documents needed:

  1.  Aadhaar application form ( Aadhaar Enrollment Center holds the application form)
  2. Parent's Aadhaar (If the applicant is below 5 years age, Parents fingerprints are used)
  3. Birth Certificate (Foreign Birth certificates are accepted.Foreign passports can be used in short time as confirmed by the staffs in Aadhaar center)

The Process:

After submitting the application with original documents(photocopies not needed as the originals are being scanned), the applicants are requested to provide the biometric information.

For Minors between age 3-5 years:

  • The bimetric information of the applicant's parents will be scanned.

For Minors above 5 years old,It's a 4 step process.

  • Scanning the Fingerprints
  • IRIS(Eye) Scanning
  • Taking Photograph
  • Processing & delivering the Aadhaar enrollment number

The process generally takes a minimum of 30 days to create and dispatch an Aadhaar card.
however you can track their card status on the UIDAI website(https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar) using the Aadhaar enrollment number and the time on which it is submitted.(The details will be available in the Aadhaar Enrollment Acknowledgement Slip provided to you)

If the applicant is below 5 years age,  Please note that you should renew your Aadhaar once He turns 5 years.

Disclaimer: This instructions are based on my personal experience.and may differ from yours. Please write to help@uidai.gov.in

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