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WWE - What's Real and What's not real?

Most of us would have get amazed and raise an eyebrow while talking about the WWE superstar's physique and strength.Some of us would even think that they are super humans. 

There are still lot of people around the world thinks that WWE is unscripted and is flow of events. The vengeance,blood and nerve breaking moments are real.

On the other hand, There are people who thinks it's completely scripted. All the weapons used, the stage are not real.

The characters are real. The injuries are real. The weapons are real. The stage is real. So the question is what's not real? 

WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) is a scripted wrestling entertainment program played by trained wrestlers on a real stage to entertain the audience.

To begin with, They just do not wrestlers but a character who they can showcase as a hero or a bad ass. The base of any story. :) WWE have train a lot of wrestlers and carefully select trained wrestlers to perform on their biggest roster RAW and SMACK DOWN.

A fight between a collections of wrestlers won't add any spice until unless there is story and that vengeance,the friendship and the betrayals. A storyline is scripted and told to the audiences via the matches, locker room discussions, events...

We won't watch movie without climax. WWE uses pay per views\Special events(Royal rumble, summer slam....) to display the climax of stories scripted.

To avoid boredom,They will be lot of stories running in every episodes similar to a TV series.

And their biggest event is an annual WRESTLEMANIA main event typically hosted on the month of April. The grand stage of all WWE events.

So WWE events are scripted programs but performed at a high risky stages by well trained superstars. They tear themselves and perform risky stunts and connect with us using their enthusiasm.

To get a clear Idea on how WWE works, you can enjoy a video below.

*All the details provided in the post are based on individual perception and online research. Please feel free to call out irregularities. 

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