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Thatzmag is an initiative to bring together all the interesting facts and features around us.

We offer you interesting news in technology, sports. We also publish fun facts and entertainment videos.

We do not want to false commit that we are going to publish unheard hot facts but we will make sure that we present you interesting facts and make you a returning visitor.

About Author:

Manoj Kumar G is a part time blogger and loves to blog on various categories like latest technology, gadgets, sports and lesser known facts.

Born and Brought up from southern India, My childhood backtracks to a smaller town which was enriched with a number of beautiful moments. Despite being a troublesome kid and an average school student, my family business(A shop owned by dad and mom) gave me the aspiration to work hard and grow. For whatever you want and to keep anything you have in your life, you have to work hard. My beloved sister is my best friend, guide and a great competitor to race with.

After my graduation, I have to open my wings to fly far and start my career. The journey from a fresher to a technical lead is quite a quest.

Happily married with sweetheart and blessed with a most adorable son, I am hungry looking for opportunities to outdo myself.

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