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Title: How dangerous is social media?
Author: manoj kumar
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If you sail back 10 -20 years, the impact of social media is not so great. Today the number of social media users is around 2.5 millio...

If you sail back 10 -20 years, the impact of social media is not so great. Today the number of social media users is around 2.5 millions and expected to grow around 3 billions  by 2020

With such a massive growth, Is social media a dangerous demon or your friendly pet? Lets go with some pros and cons approach to find out.

PROS: Friends and Family at your fingertip

  The growth of social media has helped us to stay in touch with our friends and family. We can witness their happy occasions and share their happiness or convey compromising word in their lose. Simply Social media has brought our contacts to our fingertip.

CONS: Beware of Strangers

  With a ton of hackers and short minded people, adding strangers as friends in social media is a huge risk sometimes. We have no idea whether this person is themselves as they express or even they really exist. Always beware of strangers in social media.

PROS: Door of Opportunities

  The social media have opened a door of opportunities for the talent people out there. You may simply posting your video on social media and wake up in the morning to find out that your video went viral and you are now sensation.

CONS: Watch out for defamation

  Not only gaining popularity happens overnight. A bad post in a social media by you or about you came spoil your reputation. It spreads very fast before you could realize and react.

PROS: Spread a word. It's like a magic

  If you want to spread a word, It's not so hard as if it was done 10 years ago. People share things that they like,believe and help you spreading your word.

CONS: Your personal data at risk

  Any data that is published online is subject to risk. A simple example is that a photo of yours published in a social media site without proper protection can be downloaded and copied over to create a fake profile of yours.

CONS: Fakes news

  A bigger threat faced by the social media giants is the fake news spread by anonymous \ untrustworthy sources in Internet. They have been a lot of steps being taken to avoid these fake news. The fact about the fake news is that It changes the perspective of the viewers and make them contradict the truth.

  To conclude, Social media has it's own PROS and CONS like all other things in life. WE need to ripe benefits from all the PROS and stay sharp to avoid any CONS screwing up us.




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